Florida had a devastating storm in 2006. The hotel that the Treasure Coast usually used for their convention was unavailable due to storm damage. The Treasure Coast sent an emissary to the Space Coast suggesting the two areas combine and have the convention on the Space Coast. It was agreed and for three years the two areas held a combined convention, STACNA. SPACE TREASURE COAST AREA CONVENTION OF NA. Subcommittee meetings were held in both areas, taking turns in each area. The first combined convention was STACNA I “Road Trip to Recovery”.

Thanks to the experience gained from the Treasure Coast Area and the reconstruction of the Treasure Coast hotel, in 2009 we had the first convention of our own. It was called SCACNA: SPACE COAST AREA CONVENTION OF NA, A VISION OF HOPE. Taking advantage of our coast line , we made it policy to have the convention in April at the beach.

Our first convention was in April 2009 and the theme was “Back To Basics”. A convention takes a year in planning and involves many recovering addicts to put one on. It is comprised of one Subcommittee with several smaller subcommittees. Some of those committees are hotel liaison, hospitality, fund raising and activities, merchandise; as well as Chair, Secretary, and Treasurer and alternates. Many other members from one day clean are needed to put on a successful convention.

This year makes our twelth convention. It is SCACNA XII A Vision of Hope “Atmosphere of Recovery,” which will be held May 15-17th 2019. At the Radisson Resort on 8701 Astronaut Blvd. Cape Canaveral, Fl. 32920 reservation code SCA 19. This is the first time having our convention there.

This promises to be another successful convention and as always, the Space Coast Area thanks all who attend and participate in the celebration of recovery.

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