2024 Convention


Registration Details Pay on Square Now!

Early Registration was $25 (ended Mar. 31)

April 1st Registration will increase to $30

The day of the convention the cost increases to $40

Banquet Tickets: Mediterranean Grill $60

Banquet tickets & Apparel are available as well.

Hotel Room Reservation

Use this link to book your room.  No payment required upfront!


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Will I Have Fun????

Q. So what is a convention anyway?

A. An NA convention is a multiple day event that brings together addicts from all walks of life and from different areas for the common purpose of carrying, hearing and celebrating the NA message. This function is hosted by the Space Coast area of Narcotics Anonymous located in The Florida Region.

Q. What happens at a convention?

A. There are a variety of activities that take place at a convention, all centered around recovery and living the NA way of life. Friday and Saturday night main speakers Topic-based speaker workshops Marathon meetings Fun activities Dinner Banquet Hospitality room providing nourishment and drinks

Q. What other activities are there besides speakers and workshops?

A. An NA convention is a great place to experience the fun you can have in recovery!! This is where you don’t need a drink or drug in you to enjoy yourself on the dance floor, laugh until your sides hurt at a comedy show, play games, or indulge in a late-night make your own sundae.

Q. What is the clean time countdown I keep hearing about?

A. The clean time countdown gives every person in the room an opportunity to be recognized for their clean time. As each year clean is announced, people with that much time stand up, dance around and celebrate, while others clap, hoot and holler for them.

What if…..

Q. What if I don’t have much clean time or a sponsor yet?

A. There are no pre-requisites to attend. All you need is the desire to stay clean. Q. What if I’m not sure I’m an addict? A. Simply come with an open mind. You may hear something that you identify with or meet people who can answer you questions.

Q. What if I used the day of the convention?

A. You’re still welcome to come. We ask only that you don’t bring any drugs or paraphernalia with you to the event. Who and what can I bring?

Q. Do I need to bring anything?

A. You may want to have money on hand for merchandise- Such as t-shirts, NA jewelry and other NA items-along with raffle tickets, speaker CD’s/zip drives and food.

Q. Can I bring my significant other? They are not an addict.

A. Yes. Partners, family members or any other support people in your life are welcome to attend. They can register in advance or at the door along with the addict they are coming with.

Q. What should I wear?

A. There’s no dress code at a convention, both the facility where the event is being held may have basic requirements such as shoes and a shirt. Additionally, it’s a good idea to refrain from wearing any clothing that promotes alcohol and/or drugs. Some people dress up for the banquets, others like to wear convention t-shirts. The choice is up to you. Our venue is on the beach so beachwear, a towel, and a change of clothes would be helpful if your planning to swim.

Where can I stay?

Q. Can I stay overnight?

A. Absolutely!! We have rooms blocked for this event at the Crowne Plaza hotel, a link can be found at the top of this page, click on hotel accommodations. Mention the code SCA to secure a pre-negotiated rate for our event attendees. You can also call 321-777-4100 to make reservations. The convention runs Friday until Sunday, some stay for one or two nights.

How much does it cost?

Q. What does it cost to register?

A. Before the day of the convention you can register for a decreased cost. Up until April 1st registration is $25, then the fee increases to $30. The day of the convention the cost increases to $40.

Q. I don’t have any money to attend. Can I still come?

A. If you cannot afford to attend the convention, talk with a registration subcommittee member at the Registration table when you arrive. Typically, they can help. Many people donate for the newcomer to be able to attend if they cannot afford to.

Q. Will I have to pay for food?

A. The hospitality room will be open during scheduled times offering beverages and snacks. Food is also available for purchase in restaurants and cafes at/near the convention facility. Banquet tickets will be sold for Saturday evening dinner before the main speaker.

Convention History:
Florida had a devastating storm in 2006. The Treasure Coast hotel usually used for their convention was unavailable due to storm damage. The Treasure Coast sent an emissary to the Space Coast, suggesting the two areas combine and have the convention on the Space Coast. It was agreed, and for three years, the two areas held a combined convention, STACNA. SPACE TREASURE COAST AREA CONVENTION OF NA. Subcommittee meetings were held in both areas, taking turns in each area. The first combined convention was STACNA I, “Road Trip to Recovery.”

Thanks to the experience gained from the Treasure Coast Area and the reconstruction of the Treasure Coast hotel, in 2009, we had the first convention of our own. SCACNA: SPACE COAST AREA CONVENTION OF NA, A VISION OF HOPE. We made it a policy to have the convention in April initially, at the beach, taking advantage of our coastline.

Our first convention was in April 2009, and the theme was “Back to Basics.” A convention takes a year to plan and involves many recovering addicts and comprises one area service subcommittee with many smaller subcommittees. These committees are hotel liaison, hospitality, fundraising, merchandise, registration, programming, and arts & graphics.

We took a year off in 2021 due to Covid, and now our convention is held every other year beginning in 2022.